1. Board members serve a term of 3 years up to a maximum of 3 terms

    2. There is one board meeting per month (except July & August) with an expectation to attend 75%

    3. Board members are expected to be active on at least 1 subcommittee within three months of appointment

    4. Each board member has a duty to declare potential or perceived conflicts of interest and to recuse themselves from any discussions related to the area of conflict

    5. All business related to the Foundation is strictly confidential

    6. Directors are required to purchase an annual $20 membership fee in order to vote at the Annual General Meeting

    "I wanted to do something local, such as helping seniors in our hospital here, and the fund I chose was a good fit with what I wanted to do. The donation is also a memorial to my wife; it fulfilled her wishes too."
    Peter Haliday, donor Friends of Nelson Elders in Care Fund