As a professional advisor, you are in a unique position to support your clients by initiating the philanthropic conversation and by designing charitable gifts that can maximize their tax and other planning benefits.

As your local community foundation, we are a vehicle for local philanthropy. We make it easy for donors to leave a legacy in their home town and be assured that the gift will be used wisely.

Our primary service area is Nelson and RDCK Areas E and F. We also have funds that serve communities in North Kootenay Lake, Slocan Valley and Salmo Valley.

Kinds of Charitable Gifts

Gifts can be in the form of cash or publicly-listed securities transferred to our brokerage account. (Do not sell the shares before transferring if the object is to avoid capital gains tax.) To donate securities please complete this Gift of Shares Form to be submitted to CIBC Wood Gundy and provide us with a copy at ed@ospreycommunityfoundation

Osprey can be made the beneficiary or owner of a life insurance policy or a registered fund (RRSP, RRIF, TFSA).

Charitable gifts can boost an existing Osprey fund, or a client can establish a new designated or named fund. Donors can choose to focus their charitable giving on a specific field of interest, direct that the income go to a specific charity, or leave it to the community foundation to provide support wherever the need is greatest. By having a clear giving plan in place, your clients can help minimize transfer of gift delays and ensure that their estates can claim the maximum eligible tax benefits.

Your firm likely has its own charitable foundation, of course. The decision to give to a community foundation is based on a desire to give back and make a difference here at home.

Did you know?

Research shows that only 7% of Canadians would leave money to charity in their will, in the absence of a specific discussion around charitable giving. However, if the issue is raised with them, perhaps when drawing up a will or financial plan, the figure rises to 27% — more than a three-fold increase.


The Professional Advisors eResource is online guide for professional advisors to help with charitable giving.

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While the majority of advisors indicated they had conversations on charitable giving with their clients, the clients told a different story saying only a very few advisors raised the topic.

This qualitative research provides an in-depth analysis of philanthropy as it is incorporated in the business practice of professional advisors in

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We welcome the opportunity to work with you to help your clients make the most of their charitable gifts.

Advisors FAQs

  • How are community foundations different from commercial gift funds (such as the TD Waterhouse Private Giving Foundation, RBC DS Charitable Gift Program, etc.)?

    The Osprey Community Foundation offers a wider variety of fund options for a donor to choose from, ensuring they can have as much or as little involvement as they wish in the granting process. Also, we can provide personalized assistance in the areas of giving, community knowledge and expertise.

  • What are the differences between a establishing a fund at the Osprey Community Foundation and creating a private foundation?

    Establishing a fund at Osprey is simpler and more cost-effective than establishing a private foundation. The ongoing administration of a private foundation is typically more costly and time-consuming than having a fund at a community foundation, which handles all administrative requirements.

  • Does Osprey offer services to professional advisors?

    Osprey works closely with all types of professional advisors, including lawyers, accountants and investment planners. We can help you design a charitable giving plan that is customized to meet your clients’ needs. We offer assistance with your research questions, sample language for estate plans and fund agreements. We can also make tailored presentations for you and your colleagues on giving strategies, and if requested, we are able to personally meet with you and your clients.

  • How do I get my clients started?

    For some initial information on charitable gift options you can contact the Osprey Community Foundation’s office. To discuss gift options and different fund types (see Types of Funds page) that best fit your clients’ charitable interests and financial situation. A client may establish a named fund with an initial gift of just $1,000 or more.

  • How does Osprey invest the assets of a charitable fund?

    The Foundation currently invests its assets in the Socially Responsible Investment Fund with the Vancouver Foundation – which manages over $1 billion in assets. Their investment objectives, as are ours, are to protect the purchasing power of contributed capital through capital appreciation and provide an income return to fund charitable activities.

  • What are the Osprey’s fees?

    Osprey charges a small administration fee (currently 0.85% of the market value of our endowment funds) to help cover administration costs. The Vancouver Foundation also charges management fees (currently 1.15%). So in total, annual fees add up to about 2% of the value of our endowment.

  • Will I have to pay a fee to work with you?

    No. Osprey welcomes the opportunity to discuss a custom-tailored charitable giving plan for your clients at no charge.

"I wanted to do something local, such as helping seniors in our hospital here, and the fund I chose was a good fit with what I wanted to do. The donation is also a memorial to my wife; it fulfilled her wishes too."
Peter Haliday, donor Friends of Nelson Elders in Care Fund