Creating a community orchard

We are dedicated to building and strengthening our community. Here’s how we do it: we receive donations from locals who wish to give back or leave a permanent legacy in their home town. These charitable gifts are endowed – pooled and invested carefully. The capital is never touched but provides a perpetual source of income to meet our community needs. For Good. Forever.

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About Osprey

Stronger Together

Osprey Community Foundation serves the residents of Nelson, BC and the surrounding area. Three affiliate community funds operating under Osprey’s wing serve communities of nearby North Kootenay Lake, Salmo Valley and Slocan Valley.

The Why, How and What

The Osprey Community Foundation has a vision of a healthy, vibrant and caring community for all. We are dedicated to improving the quality of all life in the area by connecting people who want to give with causes that matter. We invest the funds that have been entrusted to us, look for community needs and distribute the investment income through grants. 

Annual Financial Statements

Audited financial statements are created every year.

2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016,
Osprey Policy Manual

This policy manual covers Governance, Giving, Grantmaking Finance / Endowment Management, and Management and Administration.

Osprey Policy Manual
About Osprey

Board of Directors and staff

Board members govern the ongoing work of the Foundation, and participate in various committees, including marketing, fund development, finance, granting, and human resources.

Board terms are for 3 years and members can be re-elected 3 times.

Osprey staff
Norm McCarvell


Osprey staff
Sharon Lee


Osprey staff
Ron Little


Osprey staff
Catherine Fisher


Osprey staff
Christine Vanlerberg


Osprey staff
Susan Kurtz


Osprey staff
Kim Irving


Osprey staff
Tatiana Petrov


Osprey staff
P'nina Shames


Osprey staff
Mary Devan


Osprey staff
Tina Choi

Executive Director

Osprey staff
Rachel Nissenbaum

Operations Assistant

Get involved – Join Us

If you have skills, time and energy to contribute, and you believe in the concept of community foundations, we invite you to complete this application to put your name forward to join our Board of directors. If you have any questions please contact Tina Choi, Executive Director at

What is the Foundation’s work?
In simple terms, the Osprey Community Foundation manages money that has been invested in perpetuity for the benefit of the community in Nelson and surrounding area. This money comes to us through donations made by organizations or individuals who wish to create an endowment that will continue to generate money for the community. Each year the interest earned from the investments is distributed by the Osprey Foundation through a number of established funds. The original money is never spent – it’s our community nest egg. We now have over $11 million in endowment funds, and since inception we have distributed over $3 million in grants.
What does being a board member involve?
The board gathers the second Monday of each month at 5pm for a meeting that lasts two hours or so – all members are expected to attend all or most of these meetings. Board members are normally elected in June at our AGM. Terms are for 3 years and members can be re-elected 2 times for a total of nine years. Currently, we have two staff members, Executive Director Tina Choi and Operations Assistant Rachel Nissenbaum.
At meetings we govern the ongoing work of the Foundation, and much is done through committees. Board committees are one way to discover how you can contribute. We have committees for marketing, fund development, finance, granting, human resources and more. Each member spends time each month working on one or more committees. Our members have different levels of participation, depending on how they choose to get involved.
What next?
Nelson is a vibrant community, brimming with artists, animal welfare groups, charitable organizations of all stripes, social groups, environmental activists…and more. Working with the Osprey Community Foundation is a way to make a real difference in supporting the well-being of the community. You will learn a lot, network with interesting and dynamic people, and contribute your skills in ways that really matter. We even have fun now and then…

About Osprey
November 2000: Nelson’s Barb Dante presents Osprey President Bruce Morrison with our first donation.

In the fall of 2000 Osprey Community Foundation became the 100th community foundation in Canada. Today, with over 650 community foundations in the US and 191 across Canada, Osprey is in good company.

Twenty one years ago, our founding directors worked hard to establish a new foundation. They believed in the distinctive nature of the community foundation model and in the benefit of securing funds in perpetuity for the exclusive benefit of our community.

Osprey began with a $200 donation and since then, that decision 21 years ago to save for the future, is beginning to pay huge dividends.

Community Foundations Of Canada

Community Foundations of Canada is the national leadership organization for Canada’s  local community foundations. Together with community foundations across the country, it is helping drive local solutions for national change.

Osprey is a proud partner of Community Foundations of Canada, collectively this network of over 191 foundations continues to be one of the largest contributors to Canadian charities and nonprofits.

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"Community foundations are popular across Canada as a do-it-yourself way for ordinary folks to support programs that enrich and strengthen their communities."
Alex Berland, Past Chair, Slocan Valley Legacy Society