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THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR DONATIONS! Since April 2020 we have granted out $64,000 from the Fund. We are now closing the Fund and are no longer accepting applications. Check back for a list of all the charitable programs the fund has supported. Osprey Community Foundation is stepping up to help coordinate local support to address the impacts of the COVID crisis. By donating to the Better Together Fund you can make a direct and immediate difference to the health and well-being of our community. The Fund, seeded by resources from Osprey, will provide one place for community leaders, corporations and individuals to support our community’s charitable organizations as they work to respond, recover and rebuild from the pandemic. A tax deductible receipt will be issued for all donations $20 and over.
Grants of up to $5000 are available to award to qualified donees in Nelson and RDCK Area E and F. Click
here for more details and to apply.