RBC Future Launch Community Challenge (Grants for Youth!)


The RBC Future Launch Community Challenge is a call to action for youth, aged 15 – 29, in more than 150 small and mid-sized communities across Canada. It’s made possible thanks to a $5 million donation from the RBC Foundation.
Globalization. Technological innovations. Climate change. An aging population. Urbanization. Demographic shifts. Everywhere we look, our communities and our country are rapidly changing, and the gap between the experiences of rural and urban communities is growing. In each participating community, youth and partner organizations will have the opportunity to team up and apply for a grant of up to $15,000 to support youth-led projects. We’re inviting you to come up with an innovative, bold new idea to address a local need. And then, if your application is successful, we’ll give you money to put your idea into action!

Youth and organizations are invited to team up to submit an application to the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge. All eligible applications will be submitted by a partnership between youth, aged 15 – 29, and a partner organization that is a qualified donee. (Don’t stop reading here, if you have a great idea and need help finding a partner, we can help you with this.)
Applications may be submitted by youth or by the partner organization. Each application will be required to demonstrate the role played by both youth and the partner organization. Each grant will be made to the partner organization, who would accept it on behalf of the partnership.

Well now that depends on where the project is taking place.
Nelson and RDCK Areas E and F:  $15,000 is available through the Osprey Community Foundation. The minimum grant is $5,000, maximum grant is $15,000.
North Kootenay Lake (Kaslo and Area D): One grant of $5,000 is available through the Community Fund of North Kootenay Lake Society.
Slocan Valley (RDCK Area H): One grant of $5,000 is available through the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund.
Salmo Valley (RDCK Area G): One grant of $5,000 is available through the Salmo Valley Fund.

Are you still with us? Great! Everything else you need to know can be found in the Application Guide.

Still have questions? Contact the organization that is responsible for the grant in your region. (See links above.)

Ready? Click on the apply now button below. This will take you to the Application Portal. Once you have created a profile, you will need to enter your Community Foundation or Regional Fund.
Based on the location of your project, please be sure to enter the corresponding Fund or Foundation (see above for Fund/Foundation names.)


About the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge
The RBC Future Launch Community Challenge is made possible thanks to a $5 million donation from the RBC Foundation. It is part of RBC Future Launch, a commitment by RBC and the RBC Foundation to empower Canadian youth for the jobs of tomorrow. Over the next 10 years, RBC Future Launch is dedicating $500 million to help young people access meaningful employment through practical work experience, skills development opportunities, networking solutions and mental well-being supports and services.