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Community Grants


Is your organization planning an exciting project within the next year that would really benefit the community if only you were able to access some funding? Is yours a charitable organization, or can you enlist the support of a charity willing to sponsor your project? If so, we invite you to submit an application for a grant from the Osprey Community Foundation. While much of the funds generated within the Foundation are already targeted by donors for specific charitable purposes, we also have several funds that generate income we can use more generally for community granting.


For 2024, approximately $45,000 is available for general community granting. In 2023, grant amounts ranged from $700 – $6000.
Deadline for applications is midnight, April 12th, 2024. Grants will be awarded by June 1st. Grant recipients will normally have 12 months to complete their projects.
To apply complete the online form on our website. If you are not able to submit an electronic application please email admin@ospreycommunityfoundation.ca to request a paper application.
Note that you are not permitted to apply for a further grant until any previously-funded projects are completed and Osprey has received the final report. Exceptions may apply. Log in HERE to access your grant profile and to submit your final report or extension request.
For further information, please contact:
Tina Choi, Executive Director, 250 352-3643, ed@ospreycommunityfoundation.ca

Key Considerations in Preparing Your Application

  • Under federal law, Osprey can provide grants only to registered charities or other qualified donees (see Important Note at the end)
  • Projects that qualify for Osprey grants serve residents of the City of Nelson and RDCK Areas E and F. (Applicants from the North Kootenay Lake, Salmo Valley and Slocan Valley areas may wish to contact our affiliates.)
  • In the budget section under revenues, include all donors to whom you have applied to for funding or from whom you have already received funding for this project. Osprey may share summary information about your grant application with other local granting bodies.

  • Areas of Interest
    Osprey considers all eligible funding requests that address genuine need in the community. However, we particularly welcome applications for projects that include some of the following elements:
  • they help build long-term community capacity and resilience,
  • they involve partnerships and collaboration with other organizations,
  • they take innovative or creative approaches to addressing gaps or needs, and
  • they are designed to leverage further funding which will increase community impact and benefit.

Eligible projects may include but are not limited to the following fields of interest:

Arts, Culture and HeritageChild, Youth and Family
EnvironmentHealth and Education
Recreation and SportsSeniors
Social and Community ServicesCommunity Amenities

Low Priority Activities:
We do not want organizations to become dependent on Osprey for their operational sustainability. However we will consider grants for strategic projects that will boost an organization’s operational capacity, or for the launch of new organizations providing programs in emerging and high priority service areas of specific interest to the Foundation, if there is evidence these programs can be sustained.

Activities of religious organizations that primarily serve their membership and/or their direct religious purposes, unless the community at large will benefit significantly.

Other low priority activities:

Retroactive fundingDeficit reduction
Exclusively travel focused activitiesFund-raising campaigns
ScholarshipsAcademic and scientific research

Please note that applications for low priority activities will be considered on a case by case basis.

Under federal law, the Osprey Community Foundation can only accept applications from qualified donees as defined by Revenue Canada. Qualified donees include:

  • registered charities (including registered national arts service organizations);
  • registered Canadian amateur athletic associations;
  • listed housing corporations resident in Canada constituted exclusively to provide low-cost housing for the aged;
  • listed Canadian municipalities;
  • listed municipal or public bodies performing a function of government in Canada.

Such organizations will have a Revenue Canada Charitable Registration Number. Applicants must either have their own number or be sponsored by another group/organization with one. Feel free to call the Osprey Community Foundation if you would like more information on how to do that.

Applications are accepted on our online application system. First time visitors will need to register. Click here to preview the 2024 application.

While online grant applications are preferred and will ensure that all the information we require is received and processed accurately, Osprey still accepts manual applications. Contact us at admin@ospreycommunityfoundation.ca for an application.

"I wanted to do something local, such as helping seniors in our hospital here, and the fund I chose was a good fit with what I wanted to do. The donation is also a memorial to my wife; it fulfilled her wishes too."
Peter Haliday, donor Friends of Nelson Elders in Care Fund